Sunday, June 6, 2010

Predeath Tapes Volumes V-VI

Volume V (2005)
This volume is made of outtakes from "F. Scott," same number of tracks and about the same duration. These were definitely cut or re-done for the best. Only one snippet from the never completed sentimental punk rock covers E.P. (reverse Dead Kennedys logo?...get it?), one re-done on "Antiquated Expressions" and never got around to finishing the Naked Raygun cover (I Remember).
These recordings also mark the slow wobbly death of my first 4-Track, as the speed become less consistent and the tracks slowly started giving out, one by one...a kind of slow and sentimental death ala Fitzgerald...

Volume VI (2006-2010)
Most outtakes from this time ended up on "nO." So-so experiments, botched covers, alternate versions/mixes, and incomplete thoughts over 4 years brings back some of the diversity lacking from the albums.
Good thing it'll take several years before Volume VII can amass.