Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bez Konca *DEELUXX EDITION* cassette

2011's Bez Konca is available again, in a limited batch of 25 copies, with 3 bonus *outtakes* (only ever to be available on this cassette) from the same time as the album.
available here:


Monday, April 8, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 Comp.

Big thanks to TYP tapes for this Record Store Day 2013 compilation, available at Maya Gallery on Tate. St. only.  Mega-comp. of Greensboro present and past:

We are super stoked to share with you these eclectic weirdo sounds from new and old community members. 28 artist contributed to this tape (in the same order as on the tape)-

Blind Infancy
Banana Lazuli
Casual Curious
Knives of Spain
Year of the Squid
Josh Bowls
Crystal Bright
Adrian Penn
Marijuana Wolf
Mr. Gin
Black Santa
Faster Detail
The Three Brained Robot
Drag Sounds
Kaleidoscope Death
Daughters Goggles
Tiger Bear Wolf
Born Hollow
Frozen Rob
Andrew Kennedy

The tangible release will be a run of fifty c-95's that we will be giving away for free here:
(Probably your only chance to get one of these so please get there on time if you want one!)

And then on the 21st we will put the whole tape up for pay what you wish download on our bandcamp page:

here's m'track:

& the whole thing: