Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Waters (June 2011)

While recording the previous album, Bez Konca, I found that a good number of tracks didn't fit "what I was going for." They were taken less seriously, some improvised, and at times more minimal. There was a track and a half that didn't get used for the split with Secret Message Machine and Summer Camp Casanova (one being in the old acoustic KD style, which sounded way too sentimental, which I didn't want for the split, and the other half of the other was completed recently) and some drum parts and incomplete tracks that didn't get used on Bez Konca. Then I added more to round it out...drumless by default.
It's an odd mix...more experimental than Bez Konca.

This CD is limited to 20 copies. $5 including postage in the US. email: w/ something about this as the subject.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Business Consultation

I work in a grocery store and have to make monetary judgments on what things to carry.
Therefore I was honored today when I went into my neighborhood convenience store (Latham Quick Mart, the best in Greensboro) after work and the owner came right up to me to get my opinion, as a loyal Schlitz customer (the woman who works at night has referred to me as "Schlitz Man").
It seems Schlitz is switching over from cans to bottles, but it's going to be more expensive. He seemed to basically wonder if he should continue to carry it.
I was initally bummed because I wouldn't be able to take Schlitz tubing anymore, but I would, after all this time, be curious about what Schlitz will be like in a bottle, and at least now my local convenience store knows that I will continue to purchase Schlitz no matter what.
I appreciate their keeping me in mind, seeing all the money I've spent on Schlitz in the six years I've lived in this neighborhood and the stark realization of the power of my fondness for the best of cheep beers.
Ironically, there is a reference to a Schlitz can in a song on the upcoming album. I hope is a marginally fitting tribute to a bygone era. I love cheep beer in cans...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More On Upcoming Shit

So, track 4 on my 4 track decided to stop working, thankfully after finishing a recording. Hopefully the head cleaner I ordered will do the trick. If not arrangements have been made to borrow another one.
So this is putting a delay on the "release" of the "what-have-you" style "album," "Still Waters" (where else can I put "" here?). The current plan, which is always subject to change (everything is experimental here) is to make a very limited number of CDs (sorry audiophiles, if you prefer vinyl, as I do too, but I would be more than happy for you to pay to put it out, or just take the music as it is, regardless of format). somewhere between 15-25 copies, and once those are gone, I'll post it here. Believe me, it takes some time for me to move that many copies, even giving them away.

If you're one of those people who likes to support musicians with few dollars, "Still Waters" (once done), "Bez Konca," and anything else here (may have to find masters for artwork first), will be available for $5 each, including shipping in the U.S. (can work out a deal if you want multiple CDs). Just leave your e-mail address in the comments (I can remove it later) and we can go from there (and figure out international shipping, if necessary). I know this is a long shot, considering the entire discography is posted for free right here...

Also, Dan from Neon Sea/Slaughter High asked me to do another split. Let's see how long I keep him waiting this time...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bez Konca (March 2011)

Off kilter, cymbal-less back to basics recorded on 4 track (no bouncing tracks, but very overblown, Below-fi) with an attempted lighter mood in 13 quick bursts of post-punkish splatter crap.
Took so long to record because only using 4-tracks made me have to think much more about what was going on each one (sometimes).
Big influences: The Fall, The Rebel/Country Teasers, The Monks, The Breeders, Pere Ubu, Lee Hazlewood, Branca, etc.
Dance like a goof-off, remedial fucked up turd on payday why not?


(download available at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming Shit

KD has been on the longest "break" of its life (about a year and a half), which will soon be over. In the next few months not one, but TWO new albums will be "released" and the live band will reform to the delight of very few.
I took a bit of a different approach on the new albums. The "main album" will be album #10 for KD, and I felt like going back to recording on 4-track (thanks Andrew Carlisle for the deal). If you thought the old stuff was lo-fi...
I also decided on a minimal approach: not to bounce any tracks to force myself into thinking a bit more about what was going on to each track, plus I took all the cymbals away from the drum kit, which I re-arranged for a new approach (but kept a cowbell...anyone to mention that dumbass SNL sketch WILL be punched by yours truly).
The second "album" came about when I decided to complete all the unfinished tracks from the upcoming album, and two from the split with SMM & SCC.
Maybe March or April for the albums, or at least the first one, and shows sometime after that.