Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Periscope Breath

Over the past summer I decided to start recording non-song oriented stuffs, and easily realized that I would be able to churn these out much quicker than proper songs, therefore I decided to turn this into a separate side project.  Obviously I made quite a band name departure here, harhar.
Each "album" is released on cassette in micro edition...I have 4 left of the 13 of the first tape "Turdle-Head Blues" and 9 of the 10 for "Schwalbe Messerschitt."  Each is 30 minutes.  Or if you feel like trying it out before making the plunge, both are available for "name your own price" AKA free download at:
This is meant to be background music, noise mood music, if you will.  Short samples will be to go start to finish while focusing your attention on anything else.  S.M. is almost entirely guitars, with some samples and a detuned harp (on one track), and T.H.B. is mostly guitars, some bass and samples.  No effects other than distortion, reverb, and tremolo on one song per tape.