Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer Camp Death (2006?)

This just a little improv piece my buddy Erik (Summer Camp Casanova http://www.myspace.com/summercampcasanova) and I did waiting for our friend Michael (http://www.myspace.com/secretmessagemachine) to get off work before a Mystery Pill "practice." Erik on guitar loops and drums and me on drone guitar. Spacey...


Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Old Man Brown" & "Songs to Play After You're Asleep" (September 2007)

Much like Guns n' Roses, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Waits, KD also released two separate albums at once. Could they both have been cut and compressed into one, stronger album? Probably so, but i prefer my way.
I wanted to release a more concise song oriented album but continued to record more experimental, improvisational material because I frankly found it to be a lot more fun. Granted there is a fine line between the two finished products, but I think the separation works.
These are my favorites of the dreamy lo-fi haze folk side of KD, each showcasing a different side: more traditionally song oriented and more atmospheric semi-accessible noise. I may like one better one day, and the other the next. Joining them would have muddled the whole thing up.
Can you tell I was listening to too much John Fahey and Sebadoh?

Kaleidoscope Death's Process of Breaking Down (July 2006)

This E.P. is made slightly less embarrassing than "Antiquated Expressions" by its sheer ridiculousness.
I always loved the concept behind the Flaming Lips album, "Zaireeka," but being antisocial I resented that it took making plans with other people to listen to an album. So I did an extremely cut-rate simultaneous play 2 disc, loner friendly version.
The songs are still a bit cheesy, but that is covered by the weirdness of a song played on two stereos (or by a DVD player) that grows farther out of sync as the song progresses. This is where things get interesting to me. It will never sound the same way twice.
since you are downloading one file, you will first need to burn 2 CDs, one for "Part A" and then for "Part B."
And Then:
1) get trashed...trust me on this one
2) on the 2 CD/DVD players, start each disc. Let each play for a few seconds then PAUSE and REWIND to ensure the track starts at the very beginning.
3) start DISC B first. It will give a "1,2,3,4" Press PLAY on DISC A where "5" would come. You may have to try this a few times to get it close to right. My timing isn't perfect, so that unfortunately might work against you.
4) I'm sorry, but you will have to repeat this process for every song.

-get trashed
-place the two sound systems on opposite sides of the room
-changing where you sit or stand is the easiest way to adjust the levels
-try not to use any remote controls, they aren't very precise.
-experiment and do whatever you want

(I did make a mix of the two discs that was included on the original release, but i feel like they fell flat. Therefore i left them off. I prefer the more interesting 2 disc version.)

The Antiquated Expressions of Kaleidoscope Death (March 2006)

Hot off the heals of the "Wasted Again..." E.P., and "written" and recorded in the same fashion, this is KD's mushiest and most embarrassing release. I wanted to have vocals on more of the songs, but had absolutely no ideas for lyrics. Some were just ooh's and ahh's, but the rest were the lowest common denominator of mindless lyrics: love songs. Barf.
Like the two "popular" songs I can't stand on "F. Scott," some of my friends have claimed this as a favorite. Listening to it now, it's not ALL bad.

Wasted Again: Another Night at Kaleidoscope Death's House (January 2006)

This was to be my part of the first of three attempts at a three way split between KD, Secret Message Machine, and Summer Camp Casanova. We did succeed the third time, but for this one we were supposed to each make our own cover, so when the split didn't come to be, I just kept this as an E.P.
As the title implies, I was not anywhere near sober when i "wrote" and recorded this over three nights. I had just gotten a beginner's banjo for Xmas, but the book of how to tune and play it was left out. So I made up a tuning (which several years later i found out was actually the standard banjo tuning) and just winged it, that and drunkenness are pretty evident on the first track. The rest came together a little better.
Although it may be too personal (seems like you had to be there with me in my wasted brain to fully appreciate), this fucked up little E.P. is not without its charm. Plus it's over by the time it wears too thin.
So why not get wasted yourself and give a few minutes of time you probably won't even remember tomorrow.

F. Scott Kaleidoscope Death (Fall 2005)

F. Scott picks up pretty much where the First Two Tapes left off, but less than a third as long. I figured the 70 minute debut may have been asking a bit too much from the listener and that a 20 minute follow-up was far more reasonable and ultimately more effective in the end.
The bitter-sweet-nostalgic-like acoustic-instrumental style from the second tape is predominate, but vocals were added to three of the songs. Two of which are probably my two least favorite songs in the KD catalog, and ironically they are the two songs people seem to like the most, namely "wrap around" and "a man of many needs." The instrumentals, on the other hand, I am still quite fond of. I can hear the sounds of reading too much Fitzgerald.
The first track was also the first KD song to be made up of non-sober improvising, inspired by a recently formed band in that fashion, Mystery Pill, with my friends Michael and Erik.
Here is KD at probably its most accessible.