Friday, July 31, 2015

New Track

I decided to give myself options when working on my contribution for the DEAD HELL IN A BUCKET compilation, and recently added lyrics/vocals to an un-used instrumental.  Free on Bandcamp.

Monday, July 6, 2015


KD featured on a brand spanking new compilation from Philadelphia's FORWARD FAST.

From Forward Fast: 
"A (technically) international compilation of underground heavy hitters. Each song is exclusive to this compilation and otherwise unreleased. Tracks from: Ivan the Tolerable, The Retrouched Ecce Homo Band, Honey Radar, The Cats, Final Boss, David Kenneth Nance, Darlingchemicalia, Peter the Pianoeater, Kaleidoscope Death, Huh, and a recently unearthed collaboration between Northern Liberties and Towers. Pro dubbed tapes. Limited quantities. Cover artwork by Gregory Labold. Corporate rock still sucks."

I've got a handful of copies: $5 plus shipping (click bandcamp link below to order).
or order direct from the label:…ion-cassette

It's a nice variety of DIY/ homemade goodness…punk to pop to experimental, post-punk, etc.  Non-professional in all the right ways!