Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming Shit

KD has been on the longest "break" of its life (about a year and a half), which will soon be over. In the next few months not one, but TWO new albums will be "released" and the live band will reform to the delight of very few.
I took a bit of a different approach on the new albums. The "main album" will be album #10 for KD, and I felt like going back to recording on 4-track (thanks Andrew Carlisle for the deal). If you thought the old stuff was lo-fi...
I also decided on a minimal approach: not to bounce any tracks to force myself into thinking a bit more about what was going on to each track, plus I took all the cymbals away from the drum kit, which I re-arranged for a new approach (but kept a cowbell...anyone to mention that dumbass SNL sketch WILL be punched by yours truly).
The second "album" came about when I decided to complete all the unfinished tracks from the upcoming album, and two from the split with SMM & SCC.
Maybe March or April for the albums, or at least the first one, and shows sometime after that.

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