Friday, April 22, 2011

Business Consultation

I work in a grocery store and have to make monetary judgments on what things to carry.
Therefore I was honored today when I went into my neighborhood convenience store (Latham Quick Mart, the best in Greensboro) after work and the owner came right up to me to get my opinion, as a loyal Schlitz customer (the woman who works at night has referred to me as "Schlitz Man").
It seems Schlitz is switching over from cans to bottles, but it's going to be more expensive. He seemed to basically wonder if he should continue to carry it.
I was initally bummed because I wouldn't be able to take Schlitz tubing anymore, but I would, after all this time, be curious about what Schlitz will be like in a bottle, and at least now my local convenience store knows that I will continue to purchase Schlitz no matter what.
I appreciate their keeping me in mind, seeing all the money I've spent on Schlitz in the six years I've lived in this neighborhood and the stark realization of the power of my fondness for the best of cheep beers.
Ironically, there is a reference to a Schlitz can in a song on the upcoming album. I hope is a marginally fitting tribute to a bygone era. I love cheep beer in cans...

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