Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Waters (June 2011)

While recording the previous album, Bez Konca, I found that a good number of tracks didn't fit "what I was going for." They were taken less seriously, some improvised, and at times more minimal. There was a track and a half that didn't get used for the split with Secret Message Machine and Summer Camp Casanova (one being in the old acoustic KD style, which sounded way too sentimental, which I didn't want for the split, and the other half of the other was completed recently) and some drum parts and incomplete tracks that didn't get used on Bez Konca. Then I added more to round it out...drumless by default.
It's an odd mix...more experimental than Bez Konca.

This CD is limited to 20 copies. $5 including postage in the US. email: w/ something about this as the subject.

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