Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Digital Dingoes

What happens when one man bands start to have spinoff projects?  In this case they get dumber and dumber.
This "band" was started to make music I would not really want to play (same for cover art), let alone listen to...going all electronic and doing lot's of other shit I wouldn't want to do for KD, maybe even Periscope Breath...
It's weird, it's shitty...and free!


  1. I listened the digital dingoes records and wondered what was the sampler you used for it?

    Kind regards from N . Ireland. Great work BTW.

    1. Thanks! All it says on the sampler is "U-Create Music" and "Radica." Added a picture to the post above.

  2. Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for the image. Totally above and beyond, but great. In all my music making days I've never seen one of those. The results are great though.
    Just purchased the new Kal Death tape from bandcamp. Maybe too much detail here, but i've been ill this past 2 weeks and i've constantly had it streaming from bandcamp over and over to help get me through it.
    Great record Chuck.

    May I ask what you record too? tape, HDD/daw, etc.

    Don't change a thing, the fidelity is perfect, not too high, not too low. Just right.

    Looking forward to getting my tape in hands.

    All the best Chuck and cheers once again.


  3. Thanks, Paul!! Much appreciated!!!!!
    This was recorded on digital 8 track...Tascam Digital Portastudio DP-01FX, plus I have a few 4-tracks I don't use as much.
    One of my friends who's really into electronic music gave me the sampler...he found a 2nd in a thrift store for $2. Even though it's basically a toy, he said the sample rate was almost pro. There's a way to upload your own stuff into (I just used the presets), but I don't know how to do that.