Sunday, June 1, 2014

Remedial Ineptitude

May, 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of KD's first tape, and originally I wasn't going to do anything to mark the occasion (due to the fact I'm not too fond of the pre-"Litost" output), but through the label putting out more digital releases of other Greensboro bands from the same "scene" as early KD…I begrudgingly offer this compilation of tracks taken from the first 8 albums, 2 EPs, and one track from a massive pile of outtakes (AKA "Pre-Death Tapes)..recorded between 2003-2008.
A lot of this material is acoustic by default, mostly because I prefer the convenience of recording at home and tend to live in small apartments, but have to be somewhat quiet…and most is too nice for my liking, but I'm too dang hard on myself so why not let others decide.
This comp was hastily compiled and sequenced in one night, and I'm sorry to say the levels of the tracks are not consistent…I just didn't want to spend that much time listening to this stuff…and also sorry to say that this album will be digital only, but only $1

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