Friday, March 6, 2015

Memory Disposal Pearl Liquor Plus

This one was started as Kaleidoscope Death's last album as a resident of Greensboro, NC.  Then that was edited down and seemed to short (now side 1), and after about 25 different plans it turned into a 3-way split of one person's various solo projects, the rest (side 2) being recorded after moving to Baltimore, MD, with the final track list being finalized only days before release.
Kaleidoscope Death was without drums, let alone a place to record them, so turned to drum machines for it's sloppily tense post-punk (though the last two KD songs on side 2 use real drums), also experimenting with better recording technique and longer song length (some over 3 minutes!).  Digital Dingoes continues it's electro-"pop" trajectory into more solid song structure and away from the intentional crappiness of the earliest releases.  Periscope Breath makes one appearance of detuned, bowed string instrument chaos.

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