Monday, January 18, 2010

The First Two Tapes (May 2004 & Dec. 2004)

When I made these recordings I never intended for anyone else to ever hear them. Even though all of the tracks are instrumental, they seemed far too personal to share. But later i kind of did want to have it heard anonymously. So I left tapes at the local record store (when there was one), some coffee shops, etc. (I never did get around to taping them to boxes of macaroni and cheese at the grocery store like I'd planned...too ambitious an idea, I guess) with an e-mail address. I got two replies, two more than I'd expected, and both were positive.
I was very into feel good, droney, noisey, folky, nostalgic, etc. stuff at the time but was worried about not being able to sing and couldn't write decent lyrics, so everything stayed instrumental by default.
Leaving these tapes around also helped me make friends I'm still making music with and was the beginning of many years of obsessive home recording. That added to the mood of the music does make me a bit nostalgic. The feel good hit of the KD discography.

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