Sunday, February 7, 2010

F. Scott Kaleidoscope Death (Fall 2005)

F. Scott picks up pretty much where the First Two Tapes left off, but less than a third as long. I figured the 70 minute debut may have been asking a bit too much from the listener and that a 20 minute follow-up was far more reasonable and ultimately more effective in the end.
The bitter-sweet-nostalgic-like acoustic-instrumental style from the second tape is predominate, but vocals were added to three of the songs. Two of which are probably my two least favorite songs in the KD catalog, and ironically they are the two songs people seem to like the most, namely "wrap around" and "a man of many needs." The instrumentals, on the other hand, I am still quite fond of. I can hear the sounds of reading too much Fitzgerald.
The first track was also the first KD song to be made up of non-sober improvising, inspired by a recently formed band in that fashion, Mystery Pill, with my friends Michael and Erik.
Here is KD at probably its most accessible.

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