Sunday, May 30, 2010

Predeath Tapes Volumes I-IV

Double meaning? Um!
Self indulgent sentimentality that would bore anyone but me? Sounds like typical Kaleidoscope Death...
Dregs? Indeed!

-Volume I (2001-2002)
Embarrassment abounds on this volume made up from school assignments, solo re-recordings of songs from some of my old high school punk rock bands (each labeled parenthetically...meaning if you use i-tunes you'll need to set it to "Albums" to hear it in the correct sequence...why did I do it this way? I have no idea...), random unfinished recordings, getting an idea down on tape before I forgot it, and the building blocks of what was to become Kaleidoscope Death.
24 tracks to hide my face from, but no denying the rushes of sentimentality that no one else will ever hear. I yi yi...

-Volume II (Fall 2002)
Kaleidoscope Death was originally going to be a "pseudo-pretentious art-rock band" for the sole purpose of annoying the shit out of people while getting drunk for free. We came up with the idea because we were spending way too much money in bars. Music didn't really enter into it.
This was the one and only practice, which consisted of my friend Steve Darling (we had been in a few punk rock bands together in high school) on drums, a drumstick held onto one key of a keyboard with a bunjee chord, and me on guitar, getting drunk in my parents' basement and seeing just how far we could stretch out the few parts we'd been playing for the past 30 minutes or so. We had a great time and I'm kind of surprised we never had another "practice." On second thought, not so surprised.
Seems strange now that the only other person on any KD recording would be Steve Darling...somehow makes sense, though. We got trashed, made noise, had a great time doing it, I tried to pick up a girl and failed...KD is born!
Features the only time you'll ever hear KD riffing on Slayer.

-Volume III (2003-2004)
These are out-takes from "The First Two Tapes" era. A friend who was working on a 48 Hour Film Festival project (their theme was "Southern Sci-Fi" or something like that) asked me to record some stuff for them. Of course they finished , turned it in, lost, and moved on without ever hearing a sound I made. I used some of the songs on the second tape, but many just didn't fit the feel I was going for.
More like that from the first tape and others where the fuckings up were just a bit too bad, even by my standards. Some never completed.

-Volume IV (2008)
The only recordings from the Subjective Collective era featured here. These were made to be ambient background noise for the solo acoustic live shows I hated doing so much. Never got used though, oh well. I just stopped doing acoustic shows instead. Just see if you can make it all the way through "Fucked Tape," which is exactly what is sounds like, a fucked up taping of "Sunboint Crotch." Same exact source material.

I really don't see why anyone would ever want to listen to all this...

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