Friday, March 5, 2010

Split with Secret Message Machine and Summer Camp Casanova (Aug. 2009)

Third time's a charm. Seemed to take Erik (SCC) moving away to get us to actually pull off the split, but at least it finally came together.
It was tough on me because I had wanted to take a break after "Litost," then did the split with the Neon Sea, then had 2 months to get 4 songs together for this split. I was feeling burnt out and apprehensive. But it had to happen and we're very glad it finally did.
We were all in bands together such as Blank_Blank, Mystery Pill, and backing bands for each other's solo projects, so there is some similarity in all of our songs, but still distinguishable.
We mixed it all up and didn't label what song was by what band. If you want to find out you'll have to download SMM and SCC albums from and We're all on myspace, too.
It's strangely hard to write about, so just give it a listen, okay?
Thank You.

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