Friday, March 5, 2010

nO (feb. 2008)

This was intended to be a limited edition of 44 copies, but i never had to make that many. This has 3/4 of what was to be my part of the second attempted split with Secret Message Machine and Summer Camp Casanova, and also Freedom Fries and Noise Slough. But it never came to be.
I also had a few out-takes laying around plus some original ideas that had turned into songs on the previous couple of albums, and quickly added an array of experimental jams and what-have-you's and condensed it down into one long ass track (like my copies of "Faust Tapes" and Boredoms "Soul Discharge"). I did this in part to be annoying, but i also thought that this presentation might make the listener approach the album differently.
To my surprise, many of my friends have claimed a fondness for this one, and depending on my mood, so am I.
Let's see if it gets 44 downloads...

(at the time I deleted the download in June 2012, it had 42....almost!)

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