Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasted Again: Another Night at Kaleidoscope Death's House (January 2006)

This was to be my part of the first of three attempts at a three way split between KD, Secret Message Machine, and Summer Camp Casanova. We did succeed the third time, but for this one we were supposed to each make our own cover, so when the split didn't come to be, I just kept this as an E.P.
As the title implies, I was not anywhere near sober when i "wrote" and recorded this over three nights. I had just gotten a beginner's banjo for Xmas, but the book of how to tune and play it was left out. So I made up a tuning (which several years later i found out was actually the standard banjo tuning) and just winged it, that and drunkenness are pretty evident on the first track. The rest came together a little better.
Although it may be too personal (seems like you had to be there with me in my wasted brain to fully appreciate), this fucked up little E.P. is not without its charm. Plus it's over by the time it wears too thin.
So why not get wasted yourself and give a few minutes of time you probably won't even remember tomorrow.

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