Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kaleidoscope Death's Process of Breaking Down (July 2006)

This E.P. is made slightly less embarrassing than "Antiquated Expressions" by its sheer ridiculousness.
I always loved the concept behind the Flaming Lips album, "Zaireeka," but being antisocial I resented that it took making plans with other people to listen to an album. So I did an extremely cut-rate simultaneous play 2 disc, loner friendly version.
The songs are still a bit cheesy, but that is covered by the weirdness of a song played on two stereos (or by a DVD player) that grows farther out of sync as the song progresses. This is where things get interesting to me. It will never sound the same way twice.
since you are downloading one file, you will first need to burn 2 CDs, one for "Part A" and then for "Part B."
And Then:
1) get me on this one
2) on the 2 CD/DVD players, start each disc. Let each play for a few seconds then PAUSE and REWIND to ensure the track starts at the very beginning.
3) start DISC B first. It will give a "1,2,3,4" Press PLAY on DISC A where "5" would come. You may have to try this a few times to get it close to right. My timing isn't perfect, so that unfortunately might work against you.
4) I'm sorry, but you will have to repeat this process for every song.

-get trashed
-place the two sound systems on opposite sides of the room
-changing where you sit or stand is the easiest way to adjust the levels
-try not to use any remote controls, they aren't very precise.
-experiment and do whatever you want

(I did make a mix of the two discs that was included on the original release, but i feel like they fell flat. Therefore i left them off. I prefer the more interesting 2 disc version.)


  1. Dear Chuck,

    My husband is out of town so I figured it would be a good night to try the process of breaking down experience. However, he took all the beer with him. Should I even bother with this tonight?



  2. no, you need both of your shares of beer.

  3. I must say that this E.P. completely sucks, and is not worth the effort. Failure is an integral part of experimentation.